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Exterior Airbags?

We are all familiar with the amount of safety precautions that are put into place in today’s cars to protect drivers on the road. Advanced airbag systems, automatic braking systems, collision sensors, and so on are all technologies that ensure the safety of the driver. But what about the people who aren’t driving?

Volvo answered this question by introducing the “Pedestrian Airbag”, the first of its kind. This exterior airbag system gives less risk for serious injury when being struck by a vehicle.

This safety feature involves sensors that detect the impact of human’s legs. Once the sensor is triggered,  a large airbag that covers the lower half of the windshield is deployed. This does more than simply cushion the impact. It’s deploying point also lifts the hood off of the engine bay allowing a more absorbent impact.

With this new technology Volvo has created, it will be interesting to see if other car companies replicate this exterior safety feature.

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The New Ram Rebel

With two major car companies producing street-legal trophy trucks including the Ford Raptor and the Chevrolet Reaper, Dodge decided to step up to the plate with the new Ram Rebel.

The Rebel is a 1500 class truck that is designed to enhance off-road capabilities and overall power. The truck contains a 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine with a very capable 4WD system. This truck is more than ready to handle any road of any kind.

Although, Dodge is also offering the Ram Rebel in a 3.6 liter V6 engine as well as one that comes only in RWD. They are doing this to include various types of drivers and their specific needs. These options are also less expensive than the V8 4WD Rebel. The Rebel also comes with a signature interior that is sure to please.

The revolutionary Ram Rebel is available for purchase now.

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The Digital Key

Volvo plans to introduce a new car remote system known as the “Digital Key”. The system is an application on smartphones that allows you to do more than just unlock and lock the vehicle.

Using Bluetooth, the driver’s smartphone is connected to the vehicle and will unlock the doors when the phone is in a certain proximity of the car. It will lock once the device is outside of the proximity as well. It will also start by itself. The technology can do all this without having to even touch a button.

What really makes this new system unique is its sharing feature. The primary owner of the Volvo vehicle can allow other designated people to use the vehicle via the phone application. The designated person will then receive an exact location of the car so that he or she can retrieve it. This could really come in handy when a relative or friend is traveling and leaves the car behind.

Check out the Auto Blog and the video for more information on this convenient technology.

Lift Kits

Lifting trucks and SUVs is becoming a very popular trend here in the United States. Some do it simply for looks and others do it for off-roading purposes. Regardless of the reason, it is important to know the different types of lift kits.

First, there is a body lift. A body lift is a fairly simple lift that raises the body of the vehicle off of the original frame. This lift is sufficient if you’re just wanting to give it a beefier look by adding larger tires. It is also on the cheaper side of lifts as well.

Although, there are some things a body lift will not do. First, it won’t change the overall feel of the ride. But granted, you will feel higher off the ground. Two, it will not increase ground clearance since the frame is still at its stock height. So if you just want to slap some bigger tires on it and make it look bigger, this is the lift for you.

This leads us to the suspension lift which is generally more expensive than the body lift. A suspension lift is different than a body lift in that it not only lifts the body, but the frame as well. This lift will give a truck or SUV more ground clearance as well as a larger look.

So if you want to have more clearance for off-road capabilities, a suspension lift is the way to go.

Check out this video for additional information about body and suspension lift kits.

The New Ford Focus RS

Ford is about to introduce a new edition of the Focus called the Focus RS. The Focus RS is a rally-like version of the hatchback with a little more power under the hood. Inspired by professional rally driver Ken Block , the RS will surely become a huge competitor with the likes of the Subaru WRX Sti and the Volkswagen Golf R.

The RS comes stock with a 2.3 liter turbocharged engine that pushes 350 horsepower and delivers 350 lb-ft of torque. The unique 6-speed manual transmission promises to give the feel of a rally car to the driver. It is also AWD and even has a drift mode.

For the exterior, 19 inch premium alloy wheels and a chin spoiler give it that sporty look.

Overall, the Focus RS will revolutionize people’s perception of Ford.

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Michelin’s CrossClimate

Depending on where you live, it is sometimes necessary to alternate seasonal tires to ensure the safety of a vehicle. Now, with Michelin’s new CrossClimate tire, alternations will no longer be necessary.

This new tire is readily available to take on various weather conditions such as rain and snow and even deliver great performance on a perfect, sunny day.

These tires have been field tested and have outdone various seasonal tires and even the modern all-season tires in different aspects of driving.

For the rain, the tires are built with a slip-resistant design that decreases the risk of sliding while turning. The tires are also equipped with multiple traction points that allow the vehicle to drive in the snow going uphill, downhill or straight with ease. In all cases and conditions, the CrossClimate tire offers adequate braking beating many competitors.

Click here for more information on the Michelin CrossClimate tire.

Chevy’s “Teen Driving”

Many parents of teenagers are often worried about letting their young sons or daughters out on the road. Thanks to Chevrolet’s new “Teen Driving” system, parents can have a little more piece of mind.

This system does a number of things to ensure teen drivers are practicing safety for themselves, others in the vehicle, and other drivers on the road.

For instance, before the radio can be accessed in the vehicle, every occupant must have his or her seatbelt fastened. A preset speed limit can also be placed preventing the driver from going excess speeds. Other integrated technologies such as forward collision warning come standard with the new system.

A major feature of the new safety system is the driving report card. Once a trip in the vehicle is completed, a report is automatically made allowing parents to analyze their teen’s driving and teach them more about driving safely.

The “Teen Driving” system is set to be released April 1st in the all-new Chevrolet Malibu.


Subaru has become superior in producing AWD vehicles using their Symmetrical AWD technology. Now, they’re further challenging the competition by introducing X-Mode.

X-Mode is a software that is connected to the drivetrain and each wheel allowing the vehicle to go down or climb steep terrain. Simillar to four-low in a 4WD system, the software uses lower gear ratios to create more power.

The software also makes the traction control very sensitive so the brakes can detect slippage earlier. When in X-Mode, the driver will not need to use the brakes when going down steep hills since the software contains descent control.


By the simple push of a button, the vehicle will switch to X-Mode.

Backup Cameras

Backup camera systems aren’t exactly the newest automobile technology, but they have become very popular in many modern cars, SUVs, and trucks.

This helpful device gives drivers a better view when they are in reverse. The camera is usually located on the tailgate of a vehicle and the feed is displayed on the center monitor or the rear-view mirror.

These cameras give a more accurate reading of how close the vehicle is to another vehicle or other objects. The monitor in the vehicle  displays a line divided into three zones of warning. The different zones are usually colored green, yellow and red with red being the final warning before impact.

Newer vehicles alert the driver when certain levels are passed. Some backup cameras will even line the edges of parking spots so the driver can squeeze into those tight spots.

Thanks to this technology, drivers can have ease of mind when throwing it in reverse.

Check out this video to see a backup camera at work.